Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christian God Destroys Two Mississippi Churches

BILOXI, MS - JULY 26:  (FRANCE OUT)  (Top Phot...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeA recent article in the Hattiesburg American (Mississippi) reported on two Mississippi churches destroyed by the Christian god. I found it interesting that the author chose to credit "Mother Nature" with the damage. I expect that she may be the next target of a jealous god. Whatever happened to giving credit where credit was due?

According to the article, the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Hattiesburg was hit by lightning in May of 2007. Interestingly, church members had been in the midst of renovating the church when the building was burned by their vengeful god. I can only assume that they had deviated somehow from their god's specific demands for how churches were to be built. Or maybe a burnt offering was missed.

Next up, we have the Calvary Baptist Church in Petal. Nothing quite so dramatic as a lightning strike, this church was leveled during Hurricane Katrina. The congregation was just recently able to secure money for a new building and plans to break ground in March.

If you are reading this post from outside the state of Mississippi, you probably wonder what makes any of this sufficiently newsworthy to appear in the paper. You see, we in Mississippi are treated to this sort of thing every week. If it is about a church, it is inherently newsworthy. I just wonder why the paper chose to ignore the real story that the Christian god has been destroying churches.