Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Demon Possession at Mississippi High School

SnappedImage by toekneesan via FlickrRemember high school? I've heard many adults complain about how unpleasant their experience was in high school, but mine was fantastic. Okay, the first year was a little rough, but the last three were a blast. I discovered the joys of learning, experienced my first real intellectual freedom, and did all the stupid, irresponsible, and even dangerous things that - whether we want to admit it or not - were lots of fun. Perhaps my experience has something to do with the fact that I attended high school on the West Coast and not in Mississippi. Students at a Pelahatchie, MS, high school must have a very different experience.

According to, Pelahatchie high school students were recently terrorized by a girl who spoke in tongues, made unpleasant predictions regarding his classmates, and behaved in other bizarre ways. As a high school student, I would have been concerned for this girl's mental health. The students at this Pelahatchie school did not need to waste their time with such concern, however. They knew what was wrong with Lashundra Clanton: she was possessed. They responded by contacting WAPT news to inform them that "an evil spirit had taken over Lashundra Clanton."

According to one student, "It made some students cry and leave school. Some have not returned yet." Yes, it seems that these high school students are very different from how I remember my peers in high school.
Sparks and his classmates said they think an evil spirit possessed the girl. They were so convinced that Sparks and his friends brought bibles to school and had a devotional.
The "possessed" girl claims that some sort of god was speaking through her, not something evil. In fact, she has what I am sure you will agree is a fairly solid argument to back up her claim that it was some god and not a demon.
"I didn't cuss anyone out," Clanton said. "If it was a demon, I would have tore that school up. I would have thrown desks and everything. I didn't say no cuss words at all."
Right. And how exactly do we know that this is how demons behave?

The best part of the WAPT's report concerned the school's response. Pause for a second and consider how a school should respond in such a situation. This school brought in counselors (excellent move and exactly what I'd recommend)...and a youth pastor (arg!). Yep, the school decided that bringing in a youth pastor to reassure students terrified by superstition with more superstition was a good idea.

Oh, the poor parents of these children! How difficult it must be to explain to one's children that...
Joyce Spann said she believes God is using her daughter to touch students at Pelahatchie High School.
I am becoming increasingly convinced that living in Mississippi is like living inside some sort of time warp to the Dark Ages. How can we possibly expect the plight of our state to improve when parents and schools promote such idiocy in our children?