Grains of Exclusion

I was driving home for lunch yesterday and passed by a relatively new business that opened up near my house in Biloxi.

The Grains of Montana.

Now, I can fully understand sales and marketing techniques to attract more customers in these difficult economic times, but when it involves special treatment for specific subsets of people of a certain ideology over others, then it really seems like taking a step backwards socially and ethically to me.

Carrying this new deal being offered by this restaurant to its logical conclusion, they are actually charging those families and individuals who don't go to any church more money for their meal over those that those do go to church. Additionally, those tourists who may be visiting the area without a special bulletin will be charged more as well.

My initial question would be "Why is a church goer so much more favored at the restaurant over all others"?

I would also be interested in knowing if a customer can just say "I'm a Christian, but I don't have my bulletin" and still get the discount?

If so, wouldn't that be discriminatory?

How would "10% discount with dreidel" go over I wonder?

It just seems so unnecessary and wrong to me.

What are some of your thoughts on this particular issue?