Louisiana High School Student Ends Graduation Prayer

GraduationSomething will be different about the graduation ceremony tomorrow night at Bastrop High School in Louisiana. Prayer will not be part of the ceremony.

According to the Bastrop Daily Enterprise, an atheist student emailed the principal to complain about prayer taking place at a public school graduation. He indicated that he would contact the ACLU if the school proceeded with the planned prayer.

Evidently, the principal consulted an attorney and realized that the school had no legal ground upon which to stand. They agreed to cancel the prayer.

I'd like to make two observations here. First, schools are supposed to model appropriate behavior for their students. Continuing to engage in an illegal practice simply because nobody has complained about it yet is unacceptable. Second, this shows that even a single atheist can make a difference. If we want to change our world for the better, we must find a voice. Kudos to this atheist student for doing just that.

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