Jackson Mayor Promotes Prayer

Take a look at this tweet from Tony Yarber, the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi.

Forget for a moment that this is an elected official who should know better than to promote his religious beliefs from office. Set aside the notion that the Christian community of Jackson would be up in arms if a Muslim mayor were to do this. And forget for a moment that Mayor Yarber is tasked with working on behalf of all the residents of Jackson, including the atheists who live there.

Instead, remind yourself of the many problems our state has, one of which includes the distinction of scoring highest on most accepted measures of religiosity. If prayer worked, I have to think we wouldn't have the highest infant mortality rate in the nation. I suspect we'd also be doing quite a bit better when it came to poverty, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, education, and the many other indicators of serious dysfunction. Wherever Jesus might be, he doesn't seem to be here in Mississippi.

Good luck with the potholes, Mayor Yarber.

H/T to Friendly Atheist

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