Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mississippi Primary Raises Questions About Race, Idiocy

Obama's win over Clinton in the Mississippi Democratic primary was not a surprise to anyone. Even though it is likely that Mississippi will continue to be a red state, going for McCain in November, Obama supporters have to be happy with his support among African American voters. Unfortunately, only story the mainstream media seems to be promoting is the racial polarization of our state. I'll provide a brief summary of what they are reporting and suggest some other lessons from our primary.

Exit polls of persons voting in the Democratic primary showed that 70% of whites voted for Clinton while 92% of blacks voted for Obama. As expected, Clinton won with white women, but somewhat surprising to this observer, she was supported by 68% of white men. Evidently, this is her best performance among white male voters so far. This is the sort of statistic that makes one wonder about the effects of race and racism in this election.

With 25% of white voters indicating that race was a factor in their votes (and nearly all voting for Clinton), one cannot help wondering whether a sizable number of Mississippians do not like the idea of a black president. I am not saying that this is the only possible explanation, only that it saddens me that it could well be one. And yet, one could just as easily marvel that it was only 25%.

Among Republican voters, it was disturbing to see that 68% reported positive views of Mike "the theocrat" Huckabee. Wow! This is the guy who cozies up to white supremacist groups, thinks wives should submit to their husbands, wants to change the Constitution to inject his god, denies evolution, and even covered up his son's brutal torture and murder of a stray dog! With 40% saying that John McCain is not conservative enough for them, I suppose this must be where Huckabee comes in. But my favorite statistic to emerge from these data would have to be that 29% of Mississippi's Republican primary voters reported listening to conservative talk radio on a regular basis. Explains a lot about our state, doesn't it?

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