Want to Write for Mississippi Atheists?

If you are an atheist living in Mississippi who has something to say, we'd like to invite you to submit material to Mississippi Atheists. You see, we'd like this blog to provide readers with the perspectives of atheists across our state. What is it like living as an atheist in Mississippi? What sort of experiences have you had that may be of interest or of use to other atheists in our state? Are you a member of an atheist group that meets regularly that you'd like to tell us about?

To contribute material or story ideas, e-mail me at atheistrevolution AT gmail.com. After a good contribution or two, we'll most likely invite you to join our team of regular authors. We'd like to have every region of the state represented on our team, and our expectations with regard to the frequency of your contributions are quite low. In fact, we'd welcome those who could only write one post every couple weeks. Oh, and you can post under a handle of your choice to protect your anonymity if you wish.

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