Friday, August 29, 2008

Bracing for Gustav

All eyes are on now Tropical Storm Gustav, widely expected to gain hurricane strength as it enters the Gulf Coast. Some models have Gustav coming ashore at almost the same location as Hurricane Katrina and at the same strength. Stores are crowded, with everybody buying up all the hurricane supplies. I would describe the mood during the week as one of serious concern. Yes, there have been tinges of panic here and there, but most people seem to be holding it together fairly well. We'll have to see where things are by Sunday.

I sincerely hope that Gustav either misses us or is weaker than projections if it has to hit us. Mostly, I'm puzzled over why the Christian god seems so determined to punish a region as full of fundamentalist Christianity as we are. I suppose it is merely some sort of test of their faith. After all, many insisted that Hurricane Katrina strengthened their faith.