Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gulf Coast Heart Walk Details

The Gulf Coast Heart Walk is coming up in a little less than two weeks. Here is some additional information about the event, provided by Jennifer Rhodey, Assistant Director of the Greater Southeast Affiliate Gulf Coast Area:

Thank you so much for your participation and support in the Gulf Coast Start! Heart Walk. We are all really excited about this year’s event and we’ve been hearing lots of great things from our teams over the past few days! With the Heart Walk only 2 weeks from this coming Saturday we want to be sure we are sharing as many event details with you as possible. Team Captains, please help us spread the word by sharing this information with any of your team members who we may not have email addresses for!

Hopefully you have heard the news: the 2009 Gulf Coast Start! Heart Walk will take place at the Gulfport VA site! Located on Highway 90 between Courthouse Road and Hewes Avenue, this site enables us to still walk down historic Second Street.

Very limited parking is available onsite so please make plans to carpool with your teammates if you intend to park at the VA. Parking is available in the CTA parking garage located in downtown Gulfport. We will have shuttles running between the garage and the Gulfport VA all morning and we strongly encourage people to park there.

We ask all participants to respect the areas of the VA that are under construction by remaining out of and away from all buildings. Please leave any caution tape/barricades/etc in place; this is there for your safety. As always, pets are not allowed at this event. Please leave your furry friends at home.

Additionally, this year we will not have company signs in the gathering area in front of the stage. As our walk has grown over the years (we’re expecting 7000+ walkers Oct 3rd!!) we have found it increasingly difficult to accommodate that many people safely while also having the signs. We recommend that you make a plan with your teammates before walk day about where and when you will all meet up at the event.
You can find information on the Great Southern Humanist Society's team here.

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