Monday, December 7, 2009

Geaux Saints!

Because Sundays Are For Football.

After yesterday's breathtaking 33-30 finale in overtime I thought this observation, recently attributed to New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton, was rather insightful and hopeful if not for the sheer simplicity and publicity of it.

"Much has been talked about in regard to fate, destiny, luck and all that," Payton said Monday. "Obviously we can't control if a kicker makes or misses a field goal, and yet when you're on the short end of some tough games like that, I never hear fate, luck or destiny brought up. I hear how we have to finish better or we didn't do this or that."

AP - "Sean Payton says he doesn't want to talk about destiny, miracles or other mystical forces."

It certainly was the diligence of each player, their driving effort and a dynamic critical strategy that brought the victory.

Nicely stated, Coach Payton, it is refreshing to hear such a rational analysis presented in such a responsible manner that gives credit where it is due and accepts culpability for the results, good or bad.

No mystical forces required.

Hey, that whole world view sounds very familiar to me.