Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Public vs. Private Schools in Mississippi

educations school day care school bus close up view of top of yellow school bus.jpgI was hoping that those of you in Mississippi who have school-age children (or children that were once school-age) might be able to provide some information that would be of use to those with young children now who are beginning to consider the educational options in our state. As we all know, our state's public education system is notoriously bad. As a result, I see many parents who can afford it send their children to private schools. Of course, this usually means religious schools. How did you make this decision?

I know that the idea of an atheist sending his or her children to a private religious school may seem odd at first, but I wonder if it might actually make sense in our state. Given the near universality of evangelical Protestant fundamentalism, I can't help thinking that the public schools might feel even more religious than some of the private Catholic schools. Of course, I am just speculating here and would be very interested to hear from parents with experience in this area.

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