Friday, December 18, 2009

Sample Email to Grains of Montana

discrimination.jpgI mentioned in the recent post asking readers to contact the Grains of Montana and express their displeasure with their practice of offering discounts to patrons with church bulletins that we would try to post some sample letters here as we have done for previous action alerts. In my haste to contact their headquarters, I didn't bother to copy and paste the message I sent. Still, I thought it might be helpful to have a template from which to work so I'm recreating one below.

Electronic messages can be submitted to Grains of Montana through their web form. Mine went something like this:

I recently learned that your franchise in Biloxi, MS, has been offering customers who bring in a church bulletin a 10% discount on their bill. Please be aware that this practice violates Title II of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. It involves discrimination on the basis of religion in that those who are not associated with any organized religion or who attend religious services at which bulletins are not provided do not receive the same benefits.

I assume that you will correct this discriminatory practice. I look forward to visiting your Biloxi location, but I have little interest in patronizing an establishment that engages in religious discrimination.

Thank you.
I think that these sort of messages tend to be most effective when they are brief enough that the recipient will actually read them. I also believe that it is important to keep the tone civil. After all, this is likely the first time Grains of Montana has been contacted about this issue. I suspect that they adopted this marketing strategy without fully considering the implications.

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