What I Hate About the Holidays in Mississippi

I've made no secret of my dislike for Christmas, but I have found that the worst thing about Christmas, New Year's Eve, and nearly every other holiday since I moved to Mississippi has nothing to do with religion at all. And no, it isn't the commercialism either. It is the damn fireworks!

I think must just be a Southern thing. When I complain to people outside the South about fireworks around Christmas, for example, they think I'm making it up.

The fireworks started more than a week before Christmas on a Thursday night at exactly 10:30 pm. I know because I had just fallen asleep. They woke me up and kept me up for roughly 1 hour. Multiple neighbors have been playing with their damn fireworks nearly every night since then. I can count on at least four full hours of fireworks tonight. Besides keeping me up, my dogs are terrified of the loud noises and none of the various remedies I've tried seems to help.

The holiday season means many things to many people, and that is as it should be. What irks me to no end is that it seems to mean lack of consideration for one's neighbors here in Mississippi. I suppose Jesus must really love fireworks.

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