Friday, March 19, 2010

What Do We Want?

When it comes to the plight of atheists in Mississippi, what do we want? If there was an atheist movement of some sort in Mississippi, what would be the goals of such a movement? Some of what I would like to see in the relative short term include:

  • Recognition that bigotry toward atheists is still bigotry and no more acceptable than any other sort of bigotry.
  • Equal rights for atheists under the law.
  • An erosion of Christian privilege, including recognition that church-state separation applies to Christianity just as it does other religions.
  • The ability for atheists in our state to express themselves without any more fear of assault or vandalism than Christians experience in our state.
Most of the other goals I have for Mississippi are only peripherally related to atheism. When it comes to atheism, I think this brief list just about covers it. What did I miss?

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