Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BP and the Catholic Church

BP.pngEvery day I drive past at least one BP station on my way to and from work. I rarely use it because others are more convenient along my route, and I've never given it much thought until this week. Now I find myself curious to see how many cars are there when I pass the station. Does it appear any more or less crowded than other nearby stations? No, I haven't been able to detect any difference. I suppose I'm a little surprised by this, given that most of us in South Mississippi know at least someone who has been negatively affected by the oil spill.

But then, something else occurs to me. I don't notice any fewer cars in the parking lots of local Catholic churches following each abuse scandal. I hear people discussing the latest abuse scandal sometimes, so it isn't that they are just unaware of it. But it certainly doesn't seem to translate into anything I can readily observe.

I suspect BP will be fine, just like Exxon is fine and just like the Catholic church is fine. It seems to take far more than catastrophe to produce meaningful behavior change.

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