Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammed Day

jyllandsposten_glory.jpgThe argument against Draw Mohammed Day, being celebrated today, is quite simple. Deliberately offending religious believers, Muslims in this case, accomplishes nothing positive and is just mean. And yet, I think that it is a positive act to stand up and say, "We will not be intimidated by your religiously-motivated threats." Draw Mohammed Day is not just about agitating Muslims; it is about highlighting a particular form of religious idiocy. Drawing someone is not off limits simply because some religion wants to make it so.

To be sure, some misguided Christians will participate in Draw Mohammed Day without realizing that they suffer from the very religious idiocy being criticized here. If you don't believe that, remember how upset Christians became over "piss Christ" and chocolate Jesus displays.

Draw Mohammed Day reminds us that nothing is sacred. Not images of Mohammed, not depictions of Jesus, nothing. Cloaking something in religious garb does not render it immune to criticism. In fact, a brief examination of what religion has led and continues to lead people to do demands criticism.

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