Friday, June 11, 2010

BP Oil Spill Biloxi MS: Make No Mistake, Disaster in the Gulf...It Begins

Terresa Schlicht—

Notes on Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill affecting our home waters, ancestral lore, fishing and kindred community.

April 20, 2010- Horizon Deepwater Oil Spill:

Oil rig explosion causing catastrophic leak with interim confusion and limited information provided to the affected population.

Support pictures on file also for each date.

June 8, 2010-Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service began sponsoring a program called Mississippi Coast Watchers Program. I attended an orientation/safety training session to be a volunteer.

I was assigned a 1-mile segment on the beach (Harrison County, Region 12, Segment 22—From Debuys Rd. to Edgewater Drive) to watch for any signs of oil—tar balls, mousse, hurt/killed wildlife.

We were given badges (see prior post), map and instructions on who to call for wildlife or oil debris.

June 9, 2010-5:30am I started my walk. No signs of oil. 50 dead fish and about a dozen small dead crabs.

June 10, 2010-5:30am No signs of oil. 90 dead fish and about 6 small dead crabs and blue crabs (Steve, raised along the MS Gulf Coast from the 1960s, has never seen such wildlife death washing up at the water line).

Questionable froth and muck shown on the water.

June 11, 2010-5:30am No signs of oil except a few things I thought were tar balls, but concluded that it was clay.

About 20 dead fish, about 8 small dead crabs, 1 dead blue crab, 1 dead puffer fish and 4 dead sea turtles within one mile in front of Edgewater Mall 2600 Beach Blvd Biloxi MS.

See our "The Great Southern Humanist Society Photo Album".

The sea turtles ranged in size from about one and a half feet to the largest being 2 feet.

The largest sea turtle also had rust color on its shell.

Calls were made to the Wildlife Hotline and to the local Marine wildlife representative Moby Solangi, we left voicemail. No organization or individual present to recover the bodies of the four turtles in the three hours we waited for them.

Please review the photo album.

As an aside, we also met Rebecca Rogers, who was doing her morning exercise walk who is also a MS Coast Watchers volunteer.

Spotted more questionable froth in water with brown streaks.

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