BP Oil Spill MS Gulf Coast Volunteer Effort 2010

The following volunteer opportunity is the first we've seen of actual substantive efforts for those not trained in HAZMAT or in handling injured wildlife.

This effort is the data collection and first hand surveillance of our beautiful coastline for signs of oil and/or tarballs along with contact information for reporting observations.

We've had our Great Southern Humanist Society (an affiliate of the American Humanist Association and the Freedom From Religion Foundation) represented at the first training over on Seaway Rd. and have been assigned an area to cover. GPS devices and cameras are on order in to accurately document and report findings.

We started this morning.

Anyone interested in participating in such effort needs to register and attend the training in order to participate in this effort.

Sign up under the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster Response segment and bypass any website warning you may receive (depending upon browser settings), because the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service is legitimate.


Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for your desire to assist in the oil spill volunteer response efforts. A new volunteer opportunity is now available in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties for the Mississippi Coastwatchers Program. We anticipate sending out the first volunteers on Wednesday morning.

Volunteers will work in teams to survey one mile segments of coastline in the early morning hours, beginning at dawn and reporting back any findings by 7:30 am daily. Volunteers may commit to one or more days of service.

There is a strong preference for local residents to serve in at least the first round of volunteers deployed for this opportunity, due to requests from elected officials, familiarity with the area, and the timing of service being in the early morning hours. Assignment to beach segments will be made based on proximity to the volunteer’s address of record.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please send an email to [email protected] with your home county, phone number, and days of availability. Volunteers will need to attend a short orientation session prior to beginning service. Further information will be provided via email to responding volunteers. Volunteers will also need to register at www.volunteermississippi.org before they begin their service. If you have difficulty registering, we will be able to offer you assistance at an orientation session.

Thank you once again for volunteering your time and talents. Your service is greatly appreciated.

The Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service



For those of us without HAZMAT training or certifications to handle injured wildlife, this is a wonderful opportunity to help bear witness, document, report and keep personal journals of this historical disaster that affects us all (no matter our personal world views).

Thanks for anything y'all can do.

Steve and Terresa Schlicht and Family
Biloxi MS

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