Monday, June 28, 2010

Gov. Barbour Failed Mississippi in Preparing for Oil Spill

haley-barbour.jpgAfter he flew over the Mississippi Sound on Friday, Gov. Haley Barbour (R) complained about the lack of resources available to assist the cleanup effort.

It’s been clear before we got this intrusion of oil on us from watching the oil in other states, that we don’t have enough capacity.
Gov. Barbour has watched nearby states desperately trying to fight off the oil for a little more than two months, stubbornly insisting against all the evidence that Mississippi had nothing to worry about. Now that the oil is here, he has the nerve to complain about not having sufficient resources.

It is becoming clear that Gov. Barbour is playing politics with the oil spill. He has evidently made a strategic calculation that he can help himself politically by making sure that Mississippi would be hopelessly unprepared for the oil everyone knew was coming so that he could then turn around and blame the federal government for responding inadequately. This is a failure of leadership.

The problem for Barbour is that our memories are not that short. We have seen him repeatedly saying that Mississippi's coast would be unaffected and minimizing the danger of the spill. Any lack of preparation or resources is largely his fault. That he would attempt to escape responsibility to score political points is disgusting.

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