Oppose Gov. Barbour's Prayer Proclamation

Despite the stubborn insistence by Gov. Barbour that the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history is no big deal, he has designated June 27 as a Day of Prayer and is calling on Mississippians to pray for the coast. Right, since it worked so well when Louisiana did it.

In the aftermath of Louisiana's ineffective prayerfest, Annie Laurie Gaylor (Freedom From Religion Foundation) issued a statement, "Nothing fails like prayer in the Gulf of Mexico," in which she noted that it is unconstitutional for government officials to call on citizens to pray.
Prayer is what politicians fall back on when they don't want to offer true leadership. Are we prepared to learn anything from this environmental disaster? Or are we just going to pray about it?
She asked those concerned about separation of church and state to write letters to the editors of key newspapers and to contact the Louisiana senate leadership and express their disappointment.

Now that Gov. Barbour is encouraging prayer in our state, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking us to do the same. Specifically, we are being asked to contact Gov. Barbour to express our displeasure with his prayer proclamation. Barbour's email address is [email protected] and a mailing address and phone number are provided here.

H/T to the Freethinker

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