Saturday, July 3, 2010

America: He Who Yells the Loudest Wins

As I brace for the onslaught of fireworks until well after 2:00 am on Sunday night/Monday morning, I can't help thinking that one of the things wrong with America today is conveyed quite well by this great cartoon. In today's America, truth seems to have been replaced by the notion that the one who yells the loudest or the most often wins.

The infusion of Christianspeak into patriotism is something I have always despised. Even when I was a Christian, I never quite understood why some people found it necessary to insist that America was God's favored nation. It always seemed to me that every country would claim this and there was no way to know who was right.

When it comes to anti-atheist bigotry, it is not surprising that there is little concern for truth. But those with the loudest voices have been given media platforms the rest of us lack, and they are doing their best to perpetuate the old stereotypes at our peril. And what are we doing? What can we do?

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