Sunday, August 15, 2010

Atheism: So Simple

madalyn murray ohair
Trying to explain that you are an atheist and especially why you are an atheist to someone raised here in Mississippi can be challenging. I have found that many local Christians tend to be more sheltered than the Christians in other parts of the country where I have lived in the sense that their exposure to non-Christians is often limited. Not only are they likely to tell you that they've never encountered an atheist, but they may well have never met anyone who was not a Christian either.

I usually start by explaining that I was raised Christian too. If I leave that out, they tend to want to share some "good news." I tell them that while I was raised Christian and did once believe in the Christian bible that I no longer find any of it relevant to my life. I no longer need it and have discovered that I am happier without it.

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