Friday, August 20, 2010

Burn the Confederate Flag Day

Burn a Confederate Flag DayEfforts are underway by Jesus' General and others to designate September 12, 2010 as Burn the Confederate Flag Day in order to protest the conservative movement's use of racial prejudice for political gain. The date was selected to coincide with the Tea Party's annual event. I probably don't need to tell you why the Confederate flag was selected.

It has been clear to me since moving to Mississippi that this flag has a fairly different meaning here (at least to some White people) than it does in many other regions of the U.S. I have found myself engaged in unexpectedly heated arguments from time to time on the appropriateness of our state maintaining this symbol as part of our state flag. Thus, I would expect that this event will be unlikely to catch on here.

H/T to Pharyngula

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