Monday, August 9, 2010

How to Use Mississippi Atheists

how toMost of the comments left in response to my recent post, Time to Reevaluate This Blog, were positive and supported maintaining it. The private emails I received were a bit more mixed. One person recommended killing the blog and said that he did not understand why he was receiving posts via email. Another said he'd find the blog more valuable if it allowed comments.

For those of us immersed in blogging, it is easy to forget that not everyone understands what a blog is and how it works. It sounds like a brief "how-to" guide is needed while we decide what to do with the blog.

Why Am I Receiving Email From Mississippi Atheists?

If you are receiving email from Mississippi Atheists, it is because you signed up for them. You went to the blog, clicked on "subscribe via email," provided your email address, and then responded to the verification email you received about signing up.

How Do I Stop Receiving Email From Mississippi Atheists?

At the bottom of each and every email you have ever received from Mississippi Atheists, you'll see the following:

You are subscribed to email updates from Mississippi Atheists

To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now
The "unsubscribe now" text in your email will be linked to your individual unsubscribe page. Click it to stop receiving email from Mississippi Atheists.

How Do I Leave Comments?

To comment on a post, you have to visit the blog itself and either click on the title of the post on which you'd like to comment or click the "Comments" link right below each post. If you are an email subscriber, just click on the title of the post in your email and it will take you to the right place.

At the bottom of each individual post page, you will see comments left by others and a blank field for you to comment. Mississippi Atheists uses a commenting system called Intense Debate. One of the benefits of this system is that you can either reply to comments left by others or to the post itself.

What If I Want To Write a Post?

If you'd like to join as a regular contributor or simply write a guest post ever now and then, you can learn more here.

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