Sunday, August 22, 2010

Introducing Our Newest Author: PK ATHEIST


This is my first blog post to Ms Atheists. In my posts, I will identify myself as PK ATHEIST (as in Preacher's Kid Atheist, though the "p" also stands for professor's kid).

I have lived in Mississippi forever (most of my life since childhood) and before I lived here I visited family here all the time.

I am still in the closet. I peek out occasionally. Some friends have probably figured it out, some elsewhere know. I did try to come out to one of the Mississippi ministers in the family but he didn't believe me, thought I was teasing him, playing a bit of "devil's advocate" as my father might have done. I don't really think being out of the closet should be done without considering whether you or not you can still make a living here in this state if you come out. There is an element of that in my being in the closet. I have living relatives who don't really need to know. Knowing will not add anything to their lives. And it is true that I don't want to see their reaction. My husband observed that they'd probably prefer that I was gay to my being an atheist.

My late minister father did know. I always intended to discuss religion with him at greater length when he retired. He didn't make it. He once asked me something about my prayers. I indicated that I didn't believe in it except as a meditation. He thought I didn't need to do it then.

My quote of the day is from "The Twilight of the Idols" regarding Nietzsche. Chapter on "Maxims and Barbs"

What? Is man just one of God's mistakes? Or is God just one of man's? --
--PKATHEIST in South Mississippi

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