No Groping in Jackson?

tsaI heard from a few people who recently flew out of the Jackson-Evers International Airport. They told me that this airport does not have the "porno scanners" and that they were not subjected to any sort of pat-downs when going through security. In fact, they said that the security procedures they experienced were no different from what they have seen over the last several years (e.g., walk-through metal detectors). Needless to say, they were surprised.

Does the Jackson-Evers International Airport not fall under the authority of the TSA for some reason? Could this finally be a benefit of living in a state that sometimes feels more like a third-world country?

Seriously though, I have to assume the invasive and ineffective practices that make up "security theater" will soon be coming to Mississippi. When this happens, we need to ask ourselves whether we are willing to give up our 4th Amendment rights in exchange for the appearance of security. I sincerely hope that the answer will be a resounding no.

We atheists are used to asking the hard questions and considering the answers with a healthy dose of skepticism. Much like extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence, extraordinarily intrusive screening measures better be demonstrably necessary and effective. so far, neither has been the case.

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Mississippi: Fattest and Most Religious

Atheists living in Mississippi know full well that our state has the unfortunate distinction of being the most religious state in the U.S. We also happen to have the highest rate of obesity. Is this merely a coincidence, or might religiosity be associated with obesity and other poor health outcomes for a reason?

These are the questions raised in a thought-provoking press release from Tim Covell at Born Atheist.

An association between obesity and religiosity in no way means that one causes the other. But I found it striking how much we hear about the benefits of religion on health compared to how little we hear about the possibility that religiosity might not always be healthy.

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What Will the Midterm Election Mean for Mississippi?

I don't have a clear sense of how the mid-term election results will impact those of us in Mississippi. We lost Gene Taylor to a teabagger in the district where I live. He was so conservative that I'm not sure there will be much of a difference. I suppose the same could probably be said for the state as a whole: we were so conservative before the election that moving a bit more to the right may be tough to detect.

What do you think? Will we notice any difference?

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