Seeking Posts From Atheists in Mississippi

we need a resolution by aramismarron
I write four blogs, including this one. Two of them are work-related. They are fairly easy to maintain because they are used to distribute news, only have to be updated periodically, and require only short update-type posts. On the other hand, they aren't even mildly enjoyable and are more of an obligation than anything else. The primary drain on my blogging time is my main blog, Atheist Revolution. I do enjoy it most of the time, but there is no denying that it takes a considerable amount of my focus. That leaves me with relatively little time for Mississippi Atheists.

It has been obvious for some time that I do not have the time to maintain the Mississippi Atheists blog on any sort of regular posting schedule. I've reached the point where I'm okay with that. I can post occasionally here, on the Facebook page, and on the Twitter account and not worry about it the rest of the time. And yes, occasional posting is all I am likely to do. Of course, I think it would be great to have some co-authors or even occasional contributors too. And that is where you come in.

This is never going to be a high traffic blog. A niche topic like atheism with a local focus in the state that probably has fewer atheists per capita than any other state is bound to be small. I do not see that changing anytime soon. Even when I was posting here regularly, the traffic was never particularly impressive. On the other hand, we are well positioned to serve as a resource for anyone seeking information on atheism in Mississippi. From what I can tell, Mississippi Atheists comes up at or near the top in Google searches using phrases such as "atheists in Mississippi" that people seeking this sort of content are likely to use. That means that while your contributions are not likely to be read by a large global or even national audience, they might be seen by people seeking information on atheism in our state. And of course, I'll continue to promote posts on the various social media accounts to increase exposure.

You can find information on submitting a post here. If you are an atheist living in Mississippi with something to say that might be of interest to others around here or those who are seeking to understand the diverse experience of atheists in the South, I'd love to post it here for you.

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