Mississippi AtheistsWelcome to Mississippi Atheists, a blog providing information and resources for atheists in Mississippi since 2008.

What is Mississippi Atheists?

Mississippi Atheists is a blog that started in 2008 with the goal of providing an online hub to make it easier for people to find information on atheism in Mississippi. As the most religious state in the U.S., Mississippi can be an inhospitable place for atheists. And yet, here we are. I suspect there are more atheists living in Mississippi than we realize.

Mississippi Atheists is not any sort of organization. Many of those who have contributed over the years have never met face-to-face. We have no members or representatives, and we make no claim to represent atheists in Mississippi in any respect. Mississippi does need a statewide atheist organization, but this is not it.

Who We Are

The authorship at Mississippi Atheists has varied considerably over the years. At times, it has been a team blog with contributing authors from many regions of the state. At other times, it has been maintained by one author.

Very few of the contributors to this blog are "out" because being open about one's atheism is still a risky proposition in Mississippi. Many Christians in our state are quite vocal about their hatred of atheists, and it is not unusual for open atheists to be threatened with violence. To keep our jobs, avoid social ostracization, and keep ourselves and our families safe, few of us are interested in being publicly identified as atheists.

Media Requests

Mississippi Atheists is contacted regularly by the news media in Mississippi looking for someone to comment on issues relevant to atheism. We are not in a position to serve this role. As explained above, we make no claim to represent atheists in Mississippi and few of us are willing to put ourselves in danger by allowing ourselves to be publicly identified as atheists. The best we can do is help to disseminate the request in case any of our readers are interested in speaking to the news media. Media organizations should feel free to post requests on our Facebook page.

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