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Here at Mississippi Atheists, we strive to share atheist voices across our state. If you are an atheist living in Mississippi and have something to say, we would love to hear from you.

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To submit a post, e-mail it to msatheists [at] gmail [dot] com with "MS Atheists Submission" in the subject field. Be sure to indicate the handle you would like to use (if you'd like to post anonymously) and the town in which you live.

Posts will be edited for clarity and grammar, where necessary.

What We're Looking For

It would be great if the content of this blog would reflect the diverse perspectives of atheists across Mississippi. All sorts of posts will be accepted, but the best ones tend to share the following characteristics:
  • Keep it short (under 700 words is ideal)
  • Break up long paragraphs when possible
  • Share your experience of living in Mississippi as an atheist
You don't have to have anything terribly profound to say for readers to find it worthwhile. Some of the most popular posts are those in which the author shares personal stories about his or her experience. Remember, many atheists in Mississippi feel like they are the only ones here.